The exquisite taste of NYX-Presso Coffee

World's Best Coffees in Perfect Blends

Here at NYX-Presso Coffee we believe in using best of what world's coffee production can offer and creating healthy, tasty and exquisite blends for your drinking pleasure. We strive to achieve the most balanced taste in our blends, using premium types of African and South American coffees.

Our product line includes coffee beans, ground coffees and capsules for coffee machines, including classic Nespresso type. We expand our product line and constantly welcome new vendors, carrying NYX-Presso products.

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Our inventory

Our product line includes several exclusive blends of finest world's coffees. Italian and French style blends are our best sellers.

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Custom Blends, Branding and Freshly Packed Individual Orders

Ask us about making a coffee blend just for you. This option available for wholesale clients. We can specially tailor the taste of the coffee for your needs. Minimum order amounts apply.

Not only we can create a blend for you, but we can also package it for you in a packaging, featuring your brand. Our specialist can help to develop an appearance of your packaging or help you implement the existing one, facilitating the process from inception to delivery of the ready product.

Would you like your coffee to be REALLY fresh. Our process allows us to have it packed and sent to you for the freshest possible taste. This option includes the coffee in capsules.

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